Well Connected

Central Scotland

Orchard Brae is perfectly placed just off the M8 corridor so offers unrivalled transport links thanks to its close proximity to Scotland’s key motorway connecting the two main cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh – which has just completed extensive improvement works – as well as the M74 and M80.

More than one million people live within 30 minutes of the site and it is in close proximity to the villages of Calderbank, Carnbroe and Chapelhall.

It’s also a very lucrative business proposition with more than 750,000 square feet of business floorspace at the £330m Maxim Park development located directly across the road. The aim is to help deliver tenants and jobs to Maxim through the provision of key amenities and housing.

A transport infrastructure between the series of new villages will create a safe, high quality network.

60 min
Glasgow Travel Time
0.5 m
People Live Within 30 Minutes
60 min
Edinburgh Travel Time