Building Strong Partnerships


We believe that the development will lead to the creation of a truly sustainable community – socially, culturally, environmentally, and economically.

Collectively, the investment will stimulate the local economy and help to raise occupation at neighbouring Eurocentral’s Maxim Business Park, which currently stands at 20 per cent.

A socio-economic study commissioned by the developers has revealed the significant wider benefits that the project would hold for surrounding communities, providing a marked long-term boost .

Overview of key benefits: 

  • Plugs into existing infrastructure and help maximise the potential in local employment hubs 
  • Close to existing and expanding employment sources 
  • Sensitively designed scheme significantly enhancing greenbelt
  • Ambitions to aspire to net-zero emission targets i.e. community heating and a meaningful supply of efficient affordable housing
  • Links to integrate and enhance support for surrounding communities of Carnbroe/Calderbank/Coatbridge /Airdrie


Direct Jobs

Approximately 789 direct jobs of which 289 full time equivalent (FTE) local jobs, addressing local labour market needs and requirements and providing job opportunities for the long-term and youth unemployed.

£ 0 m
Rates/Council Tax Revenue

Additional domestic and non-domestic rates/council tax revenue of some £11 million per annum.

Construction Jobs

Approximately 4,290 temporary construction jobs helping to support the local and wider area’s construction sector.

£ 7 m
GVA Per Anum

New net additional economic output of £8.6 million Gross Value Added (GVA) per annum for the local area and £14.9 million GVA per anum in Scotland.

£ 310 m
New Investment

New investment in North Lanarkshire of a total of approximately £364.2 million in new residential, business and commercial accommodation and community services development.

£ 110 m
Additional Household Income

Additional household income local to the area of £122.1 million, part of which will be available to spend on goods and services.

The regeneration benefits to the surrounding communities equate to the value of at least £8.6 million per annum, through a reduction in unemployment and in homelessness.

Orchard Brae will provide a range of significant boosts to the wider area, including considerable investment that will help to secure the long-term economic future of North Lanarkshire.


As part of the new proposal, we have included the addition of a new primary school within the development to alleviate any strains on the current education provision in the nearby villages. In addition, more than £30 million has been put forward as a developer contribution to support the wider education and secondary education infrastructure in the local area. This will help to establish Orchard Brae as a brand-new community accommodating the needs of all who live there.


The community will enjoy a new neighbourhood retail hub within the development, creating a strong community feel for the area and supporting jobs and employment.

Proposals are expected to encompass retail provision, including the potential for leisure opportunities, which would offer residents and surrounding local communities an offering that is brand-new to the area, that will assist in driving business and economic interest to the area.

In addition to retail, a host of health centres, business, and leisure facilities, as well as care home are also being proposed – all of which will serve local communities as well as the new development.

A mobility hub is proposed to promote sustainability at Orchard Brae and form an interchange of green and public transport connecting people, more than ever before to the nearby business and employment hubs. It will include shared facilities including vehicle charging point and car club operations making it a forward-thinking high quality public realm with myriad community features and facilities with greater reflect how we live today. 

The plans will open up the area to local residents, both current and future, as well as the thousands employed at Eurocentral via proposed pedestrian bridges and walkways.