A focal-point for the community

football hub

Orchard Brae is committed to further promoting health and wellbeing while supporting young people in the community and as such will partner with Gartcairn Football Academy and stakeholders to deliver a £2.5 million state-of-the-art football facility in the heart of the development featuring in excess of 100 coaches.

The Community Football Hub, which will feature UEFA standard pitches, high quality changing facilities and a space that it is estimated more than 700 young people from the local area will benefit from, has been earmarked for the development.

We are already well underway with talks with Gartcairn Football Academy to accommodate their young people’s programmes. They are seeing a surge in interest from the local community with growth measuring at 800 per cent across the board and 1000 per cent for the girls’ teams.

The Community Football Hub will become the main hub for youth football in the area and create a venue to help support young people with personal wellbeing, confidence and instilling a team spirit.

“Those who wish to play, shall play!