Planning Application Consultation

Engaging with the community

Thank you very much for visiting the Orchard Brae website and allowing us to update you on our latest proposals. We hope you are as excited as we are about these potentially coming forward!

One of the primary reasons for making the public aware of the changes is to assist with the re-notification of the formal planning application (ref:18/00890/PPP). 

As the changes to the current planning application are considered ‘material’ changes, North Lanarkshire Council as Planning Authority are required to re-notify members of the public about them, providing a renewed opportunity to provide comment.  A period of 28 days will be made available by the Council for people to make comment.

If you support the proposals we are bringing forward, we would very much appreciate if you could let the Council know through this re-notification. This can be done by visiting the page for the planning application, registering your name, and making your views known formally – they all count.

We know there are numerous supporters for this development, but those supporters don’t always realise that their positive comments count for planning applications too – this is your chance to show your support.

If you are keen to see this positive change to the local landscape, the huge investment in new homes and the economy for your local area, and the improvement of access to your local greenspace, then please take five minutes to support our proposals. The Council website can be cumbersome, so please be patient when registering.

Thank you for your interest in our proposals and we look forward to further updates in due course.

Information Day - Dakota Hotel Wednesday 6th March, 2024

An information event to allow Orchard Brae to share its vision for the development with the local community, following this latest renotification, took place on Wednesday 6th March between 1pm and 7:30pm at the Dakota Hotel, Maxim Park.